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Earnings on the PTC Sites

(Updated 29.11.2016)

The Paid to click sites are systems that pay up to 0.02$ for clicking on ads and visiting web pages by some seconds. You may also earn more money by purchasing referrals or evolving account.

There are many SCAM sites and few trusted. Sites come and go and very few stays for long. I have given sites conditionally divided into two categories. In the first are trusted sites which paying a day without problems. In the second are testing sites without payment yet. I ask to help me testing them.

I will give you a simple calculation. If you click 4 ads a day you will earn 0.04$ and from 10 referrals, you will earn 0.20$. That means 0.24$ a day and 7.2$ a month. If you join 10 PTC sites, you will earn around 75$ a month and this might vary depending on the sites. But it will work when you get more referrals. So more the referrals, more will be the earnings.

Here below I present a list of PTC sites to make money. I update this one almost every day and watch news at forums and blogs. Click on the Banners and register now:

If you have any questions or offers write me using feedback.

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